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Winden caves

There is an elaborate system of caves beneath the forest surrounding Winden, the extent of which most residents are completely unaware. Teenagers dare each other to visit the eerie caves, drugs are hidden there, and there's even a store of radioactive waste. Deep in one of the caves is a passage that can be used to travel through time.

The passage

Three heavy doors, each emblazoned with the Triquetra symbol and the text, "Sic Mundus Creatus Est," open to a man-made tunnel that houses the passage linking three points in time: 1953, 1986, and 2019. In November 2019, Mikkel Nielsen travels via this passage to 1986. Jonas Kahnwald, Ulrich Nielsen, and Helge Doppler likewise use the passage.

The Stranger is doing everything in his power to put an end to it. On November 12th, he activates his Caesium-based time machine in the caves and the passage shuts. But is it closed forever?

The yellow barrels

Countless yellow barrels filled with radioactive waste are stored in a cave beneath the nuclear power plant. They are the result of an accident cover-up from 1986. Plant director Claudia Tiedemann closes off access to the barrels with a heavy iron door. When investigations of the missing children threaten a search of the power plant site, Aleksander Tiedemann has the barrels removed from the cave and driven away in a truck.

Spoiler alert

Season 2 : episode 5

Cave explorers and time travelers

In the summer of 2020, Katharina Nielsen tirelessly explores the caves. She hasn't given up hope of finding traces of Mikkel or Ulrich. The caves continue to be used by the time travelers, but they no longer use the passage – they use a portable time machine.

Bartosz Tiedemann is in the caves with Noah's machine when he meets Martha and Magnus Nielsen and Franziska and Elisabeth Doppler. Magnus overpowers Bartosz and the others tie him up. Bartosz refuses to tell them what he was doing in the caves so they leave him there alone overnight. The next day, he reveals he has a time machine, but the others don't believe him. That's until they all travel together to 1987.

Spoiler alert

Season 2 : episode 8

Creating the passage

The tunnel was created by Noah and the other members of the Sic Mundus secret society in 1921, but it couldn't be used for time travel yet.

Jonas Kahnwald – after having traveled through time for more than a year and a half – is the one who reopens the passage using a time machine in 1987. He then travels to 2020, where the apocalypse is imminent.

Katharina Nielsen receives a precise map of the caves from the Stranger and is told the passage has been reopened. At the moment of the apocalypse, she is standing next to the tunnel.