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Tronte Nielsen

He is Mads Nielsen's father and Mikkel's grandfather and his life is shaped by these two missing persons cases. Tronte lives with his wife Jana in a small apartment. His relationship with his remaining son Ulrich is strained.

Tronte arrives in Winden as a boy in 1953, together with his mother Agnes. At the time, his arms are covered in burns. The pair move in with the Tiedemann family and Tronte befriends Claudia.

Thirty-three years later, Tronte is working as a journalist and has an affair with Claudia; it's not his first. Jana finds out and is planning to leave her husband, but then Mads suddenly disappears.

The discovery in the bunker

On the evening of November 4th, 2019 – the night that Mikkel disappears – Tronte receives a call from Peter Doppler. Doppler says the body of a young boy with burnt eyes suddenly appeared in the bunker. The name on his student card is Mads Nielsen.

Tronte goes to the bunker and looks at the body of his long-missing son in utter confusion. Older Claudia Tiedemann enters the bunker. She knew this was going to happen and convinces Peter and Tronte to leave the body in the forest where it will be found by the police the next day. Tronte doesn't tell his wife Jana what happened.