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Time machine

A ticking masterpiece of gears, springs, copper, and brass: The time machine lets you travel to the future and into the past, but only in 33-year increments.

When the machine is activated, a spherical wormhole forms, linking different time periods for a few moments.

The clockmaker's masterpiece

In 1953, older Claudia Tiedemann goes to clockmaker H.G. Tannhaus with complex blueprints for a mechanical device. She doesn't tell him what it is, but Tannhaus sets to work building it.

After multiple visits from the Stranger in 1986, the clockmaker finally understands what it is that he's created. He can activate the machine using a smartphone that Ulrich Nielsen left in his workshop 33 years ago and a radioactive Caesium isotope that the Stranger brought with him from the future.

The Stranger's machine

Are there other time machines out there? The Stranger brings his own model to the clockmaker for repair. It looks like an exact copy of the machine, but it's much more worn.

The Stranger isn't just using the machine to travel through time. He also wants to use it to close the passage in the caves that Mikkel and Ulrich Nielsen, among others, have used to time travel. He successfully closes the passage, but in doing so, creates a temporary rift in time.

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Season 2 : episode 3

Claudia's time machine

Shortly before her death in 1954, older Claudia Tiedemann buries her time machine on the plot where her house will later stand. She tells her younger self about it so she can recover the machine in 1987. The younger Claudia goes to the clockmaker to find out how the device works.

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Season 2 : episode 5

Bartosz and the time machine

Noah also has a time machine. In 2020, he gives it to his new confidant Bartosz Tiedemann. However, as Bartosz is using it in the caves, he is discovered by Magnus, Martha, Franziska, and Elisabeth. Magnus overpowers him and ties him up until he reveals what the device is for. The others don't believe him until they all travel back to the year 1987. Magnus takes the machine with him.

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Season 2 : episode 7

Thief of time

In 2020, the Stranger visits Hannah Kahnwald and reveals that he is her son Jonas. To convince his mother that time travel exists, he shows her the machine and together they travel to the year 1987, where they see young Mikkel.

The Stranger stays in his old house for a few days. One morning he wakes up and both the machine and Hannah are nowhere to be found. She stole the machine and traveled on her own to 1954 so she could see Ulrich Nielsen again.

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Season 2 : episode 8

Last minute time travel

Magnus more or less willingly gives his time machine to his mother Katharina. When Bartosz finds out, he is furious. Noah predicted a different course of events. Together with Franziska and Magnus, he searches for the machine in vain.

Katharina gives the machine to the Stranger. He searches for Bartosz, Magnus, and Franziska and finds them minutes before the apocalypse implodes over Winden. Together, they time travel at the last minute.