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The Stranger

He travels through time with a large backpack filled with all his worldly possessions. He's a thin, slightly worn-out looking man, who isn't actually a stranger to Winden: He's grown-up Jonas Kahnwald.

The Stranger seems disillusioned and full of regrets. He is working tirelessly to undo some of the unfortunate events in Winden that he has helped to create. While he suspects he can't actually change the course of time, he hasn't given up hope. For a long time he works alongside Claudia Tiedemann in her fight against the Sic Mundus cult and their leader Adam.

The Stranger and Jonas

Jonas and the Stranger meet each other several times in the days following Mikkel Nielsen's disappearance. In 1986, the Stranger warns Jonas not to take Mikkel back to 2019 lest he prevent his own birth.

He sends Jonas the goodbye letter from his father and a Geiger counter that helps him find his way through the caves to the passage. When Jonas is locked in the bunker by Noah and Helge Doppler, the Stranger shows up again, revealing his true identity, but not letting him out.

The plan

The Stranger's plan is to close the time travel passage in the Winden caves – the passage that Mikkel and others traveled through. To do this, he needs to get his time machine repaired by the clockmaker and supply the radioactive Caesium-137 isotope. He gets his hands on the substance from the yellow barrels that have been removed from the nuclear power plant site and stored at a truck stop. He manages to activate his machine in the caves, thus closing the passage through time.

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Season 2 : episode 4

Return to the present

In the summer of 2020, the Stranger approaches Hannah Kahnwald and spends several days in his old house. He is able to convince her that he is indeed her son Jonas. They travel together to 1987, where Hannah sees young Mikkel in her house.

The Stranger also meets Peter and Charlotte Doppler. He tells them that according to Adam, there is a loophole that could change the course of time and he wants to find it. He wants to stop Adam. Claudia Tiedemann tried for a long time, but in the end, she became exactly what she was fighting against.

Katharina Nielsen thinks the Stranger is a con man and keeps her distance until she discovers for herself that time travel really does exist.

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Season 2 : episode 7

Martha's rescue

Jonas Kahnwald – aka the Stranger – is still in love with Martha Nielsen 30 years after he left her. He secretly leaves a silver pendant on her pillow. She had given it to Jonas before they parted ways.

When the Stranger later meets Martha, he reveals that he is actually Jonas, just older. They share a moment of closeness before Katharina Nielsen interrupts. Katharina tells Martha that the Stranger is her biological nephew. Martha is upset and leaves with her mother.

The Stranger knows that Martha will die on June 27th, 2020; he witnessed it as Jonas Kahnwald. He wants to do everything in his power to prevent her death so he finds Martha and forces her into the bunker at gunpoint, locking her inside. The Stranger doesn't stay, however, and Martha later escapes.

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Season 2 : episode 8

Martha's letter

The apocalypse is imminent. The Stranger is determined not to become Adam – he must change things. A young Noah, who has just arrived in 2020, approaches him and gives him a letter from Martha.

The Stranger reads the letter and his eyes well up: She can only be saved if everything happens as predicted. He immediately starts searching for Bartosz Tiedemann, Magnus Nielsen, and Franziska Doppler. Moments before the apocalypse, the Stranger uses his time machine to travel with them to another time.