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Silja is one of the first people Jonas Kahnwald encounters when he arrives in 2052. The young girl with long, dark hair says, "Welcome to the future" and then knocks him unconscious.

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Season 2 : episode 1

The interpreter

Silja is a member of the group who lives in the forest on the outskirts of what was Winden. They often refer to Sic Mundus and are awaiting the day that the passage reopens, just like the prophecy promised. Silja knows sign language, giving her an important role in the group as the interpreter for their deaf leader Elisabeth Doppler.

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Season 2 : episode 2

The secret in the power plant

Elisabeth has forbidden anyone from entering the restricted zone around the ruined nuclear power plant. When Jonas Kahnwald is caught on site, he is captured by the group and barely escapes execution. Silja helps him return to the ruins to see what is there.

She is with Jonas when he manages to stabilize the black matter and travel through the time portal. Silja confronts Eilsabeth afterwards; she is angry and disappointed that her leader hid the portal from the rest of the group.