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Regina Tiedemann

Regina Tiedemann seems wounded and stern; it's no wonder, considering what she's been through. As a teen, she's a pale, shy outsider and frequently gets teased by other students. She suffers under her domineering mother Claudia. As an adult, she opens the Waldhotel Winden, but guests stop coming in autumn 2019, after reports of the missing children.

Regina then receives devastating news: She has breast cancer and it's already spread. Thankfully, she has a loving husband Aleksander, with whom she has a son Bartosz.

Enemies for life

Regina has a terrible relationship with Ulrich and Katharina Nielsen. The couple harass her as a teenager and even tie her to a tree in the forest at one point. Katharina later incorrectly believes Regina is behind the rape allegations made against Ulrich. She thinks Regina told her grandfather policeman Egon Tiedemann the lie in revenge and threatens her.

Seemingly out of nowhere, a young man appears with a gun and drives Katharina away. It is Aleksander, who's just arrived in Winden and later becomes Regina's husband.

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Season 2 : episode 2

A late confession

In the summer of 2020, Regina's cancer is getting more advanced and she's forced to give up the hotel. She undergoes chemotherapy and lives between the hospital and her home.

In an interview with special investigator Clausen and Charlotte Doppler, Regina tells police for the first time that she had a dubious-looking guest at her hotel in November 2019. With her help, Clausen creates a facial composite image of the Stranger.

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Season 2 : episode 8

The missing mother

Regina receives a visit from her mother, who has been missing for 33 years, but doesn't seem to have aged a day. This is the start of Claudia Tiedemann's time travel. She helps her ill daughter make her way to the bunker, thus ensuring she survives the apocalypse.