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Noah's voice and demeanor exude a calm confidence. He is an enigmatic man: In the 1950s, he's serving as Winden's pastor and goes by the name Hanno Tauber. In 1986, he visits Mikkel Nielsen in the hospital wearing religious robes, but oddly enough he hasn't aged at all.

Dead children

Noah is not a man of God. He single-mindedly pursues his plans and will not tolerate any opposition. He is responsible for the deaths of Mads Nielsen, Erik Obendorf, and Yasin Friese. Together with his henchman Helge Doppler, he kidnapped the boys and used them to test his prototype time machine in the bunker in 1986.

The experiments fail, killing the missing children in the process. Noah dismisses Helge's doubts, telling him that they alone can save the world from evil. The deaths are unfortunate but necessary sacrifices. Noah and Helge also kidnap Jonas Kahnwald, locking him in the underground bunker, but he escapes into the future through a rift in time.

A new ally

In 2019, Noah manages to recruit Bartosz Tiedemann to his cause, claiming he is on the good side of a battle to control time travel. According to Noah, Bartosz' grandmother Claudia Tiedemann is on the dark side and the Stranger is nothing but a chess piece that she's using for her own benefit. Where does Bartosz fit into the wider picture?

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Season 2 : episode 1

Young Noah

Noah isn't quite as independent as he seems. He's a member of Sic Mundus and tows the line of the society's leader Adam. Noah joins the organization early on in his youth and takes part in drilling the tunnel in the Winden caves in 1921 – the tunnel that will later be used as a passage for time travel. When someone he's working with expresses doubts about Adam and Sic Mundus, Noah kills him.

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Season 2 : episode 4

Agnes and Claudia

Agnes Nielsen is Noah's younger sister. She used to be a member of Sic Mundus, but had a falling out with the group. However, she is in contact with their nemesis Claudia Tiedemann.

Agnes wants to rejoin Sic Mundus. In June 1954, she tells Noah that Claudia is carrying the leather notebook's missing pages with her. Noah kills the old woman in the forest and confiscates the pages.

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Season 2 : episode 5

Noah's family

Noah is a father. His baby was born after the apocalypse, but it was raised in the past without its biological parents. In June 2020, Noah visits his grown-up daughter Charlotte Doppler. He shows her a photograph of him as a young man holding her as a baby, but he doesn't reveal who her mother is.

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Season 2 : episode 8

Noah's death

Adam promised to save Noah's family. When Noah reads the missing notebook pages, he realizes that Adam never planned to do so; his leader wants to trigger the apocalypse. Noah tries to kill Adam in retaliation, but his gun jams. Agnes takes the weapon and shoots her brother. Killing him with Adam's approval.