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Mikkel Nielsen

The boy who traveled through time: Mikkel is living a pretty normal life in Winden in 2019. Son to Ulrich and Katharina Nielsen and little brother to Magnus and Martha, Mikkel is known as a cheeky, carefree boy who dreams of becoming a magician. When he vanishes from Winden, his family is beside themselves and can't help but think of Mads Nielsen, Ulrich's younger brother, who disappeared 33 years prior.

The disappearance

On the evening of November 4th, 2019, Magnus and Martha are meant to be at home watching their brother Mikkel, but Bartosz Tiedemann wants to find the place Erik Obendorf used to hide drugs. Magnus and Martha go along with Mikkel in tow. When they reach the caves, their flashlights start to flicker and an all-pervasive sound fills the air. They panic and run in all directions. At first, Jonas Kahnwald is with Mikkel, but he loses sight of the boy and then Mikkel simply vanishes.

A new life

Mikkel travels through time to the year 1986. He feels disoriented: Strangers are living in his home (he doesn't recognize his father as a teenager) and everything at school is different. Mikkel asks the police for help and Egon Tiedemann entrusts the boy to nurse Ines Kahnwald.

The cheeky little boy becomes a delicate soul who will barely speak to anyone. Mikkel escapes from the hospital one night and tries to find his way back to the caves in vain. Ines Kahnwald is the only one who manages to gain Mikkel's trust. She adopts the boy and thus, Mikkel Nielsen becomes Michael Kahnwald.

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Season 2 : episode 5


Ulrich has the chance to see his son Mikkel one last time. He also travels back in time, but to 1953, where he is arrested under suspicion of child murder and put in a psychiatric institution. In the summer of 1987, Ulrich – now an old man – is still living there.

An unexpected visit from Egon Tiedemann reveals that Mikkel is in the same time period. Ulrich breaks out of the institution and visits his son at the Kahnwald's house. The father and son return to the caves in hopes of finding the passage, but the police are waiting for them and Ulrich is arrested.

Spoiler alert

Season 2 : episode 6

Mikkel's mysterious journey

What actually happened on that fateful night? How did Mikkel find the passage and how was he able to open the heavy doors? Jonas travels to visit his father Michael Kahnwald in June 2019 and learns that it was he, Jonas, who led Mikkel to the passage in 1986 and left him there.

Jonas is shocked. He didn't do that. No, but he will.