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Michael's goodbye letter

Michael Kahnwald left a letter behind after his suicide with the following note: "Do not open before November 4th at 10:13 PM." That is the exact time of Mikkel Nielsen's disappearance – which is actually his own. Michael's adoptive mother Ines Kahnwald secretly takes the letter and opens it at the specified time.

Several days later, Michael's son Jonas receives the letter in an anonymous package. This is how Jonas first learns about time travel. He burns the letter and is perplexed when he visits his grandmother Ines and is given exactly the same letter completely intact.

Jonas carries the letter with him for more than 30 years before sending it to his younger self in a package from his older self, the Stranger.

Spoiler alert

Season 2 : episode 6

The letter's origins

In hopes of preventing the death of his father, Jonas Kahnwald travels with Adam's time machine from 1921 to June 2019. He confronts Michael at home about his imminent suicide and begs him to change his mind, asking whether the letter has already been written.

Michael Kahnwald is perplexed. He wasn't planning on taking his own life. It was also the first he'd ever heard of a goodbye letter. An aged Claudia Tiedemann joins them. She explains that things should not be undone and that Jonas' role in the course of events is greater than he knows. As she leaves the house with Jonas, he realizes that he was the one to first sow the seed of suicide in his father's mind. Afterwards, Michael sits down at his desk and begins to write the letter.