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Michael Kahnwald

At the age of 44, artist Michael Kahnwald commits suicide in the attic of his home for no apparent reason. He is survived by his wife Hannah, son Jonas, and adoptive mother Ines Kahnwald. Ines secretly takes the goodbye letter Michael left even though it was addressed to Jonas.

Michael's identity

Michael Kahnwald and Mikkel Nielsen are one and the same person. When Mikkel disappears in November 2019, he travels through time and lands in 1986. The distressed boy, assumed to be homeless, ends up in the hospital. Nurse Ines Kahnwald cares for him there and eventually adopts him as her son, calling him Michael.

Michael can't find his way back to 2019, so he remains in the past and starts a new life. He spends years studying the caves where he first found the passage and makes a detailed map. Following Michael's suicide, Jonas finds the map amongst his father's things in the attic.

Spoiler alert

Season 2 : episode 6

The day before the suicide

With Adam's help, Jonas Kahnwald travels from 1921 to June 2019 in hopes of preventing his father's suicide. He confronts Michael at home and begs him not to do it. Michael Kahnwald is perplexed. He wasn't planning on taking his own life. It was also the first time he'd heard anything about a letter.

Michael also reveals to his son that it was none other than Jonas himself who had led him to the passage on November 4th, 2019.

Older Claudia Tiedemann arrives and explains that things should not be undone. She says Jonas' role in the overall course of events is larger than he suspects. As she leaves the house with Jonas, he realizes in horror that he was the one to give his father the idea of suicide in the first place.