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Leather notebook

A old notebook with a leather cover featuring the Triquetra, the time traveler's symbol. Inside are handwritten entries, sketches, and diagrams that document Winden's fate. Various events from the past and future are noted up until November 12th, 2019, after which several pages are torn out.

The older, time-traveling Claudia Tiedemann carries the notebook with her. She leaves it with Peter Doppler and Tronte Nielsen on the night of November 4th, when they find Mads Nielsen's body in the bunker.

But Noah also has the notebook, either a copy or the same one that has traveled through time. He gives it to Bartosz Tiedemann to convince him of his mission. There are still several pages missing.

Spoiler alert

Season 2 : episode 3

The mystery of the missing pages

Adam and Sic Mundus want to get their hands on the missing pages. In June 1954, Noah learns from his sister Agnes that Claudia has the pages. He kills Claudia and finds the pages in her jacket pocket, but hides his discovery from Adam – and for good reason. The pages contain information that Adam has withheld from Noah.

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Season 2 : episode 8

Deadly consequences

Adam promised Noah he would save his family. When Noah reads the missing pages, he learns that Adam never intended to do so, but rather wants to trigger the apocalypse. Noah tries to kill Adam, but the gun jams and he's shot by Agnes instead.