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Jana Nielsen

The disappearance of her son Mads in the autumn of 1986 is the defining moment in Jana Nielsen's life. Afterwards, she lives a listless existence, hiding herself away in her home, but she always leaves the door unlocked in case Mads returns.

She still believes her son is alive in 2019. Jana is living with her husband Tronte in a small granny flat. She wanted to leave him in 1986 upon discovering his affairs, but she couldn't bring herself to do it after Mads disappeared. She has little contact with her eldest son Ulrich. When Ulrich's son Mikkel vanishes, Jana Nielsen has a sense that everything is repeating itself.

Strange observations

In November 2019, Jana finds the wrapper of a Raider chocolate bar in the forest, but the bar was renamed Twix in 1991. She tells Ulrich about it, mentioning how much Mads loved the candy. Ulrich pays her no mind.

A few days later, Jana sees a man with an unusual disfigured ear. She is certain she saw the same man in 1986, but he hasn't aged a day. Again, she tells Ulrich, giving him a crucial clue that Helge Doppler may be responsible for the missing children.