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Ines Kahnwald

In 1986, Ines is working as a nurse at the hospital in Winden. She grew up in the town; her father Daniel was chief of police in the 1950s. Ines is thoughtful and devoted to her work. Her only child died at birth and she now lives alone.

In 2019, Ines is once again living on her own. Her adopted son Michael committed suicide and she doesn't share a warm relationship with her daughter-in-law Hannah or grandson Jonas.

The boy

In November 1986, a distressed boy is admitted to the hospital; he refuses to speak to anyone. Ines cares for him and manages to gain his trust. The boy is Mikkel Nielsen, who has traveled from the future. When social services decide to put him in an orphanage, Ines adopts him on the spot and thus, Mikkel Nielsen becomes Michael Kahnwald.

The letter

Ines holds onto the letter that Michael leaves behind after his suicide. The envelope has instructions that it should not be opened before November 4th at 10:13 PM – the exact time of Mikkel's disappearance. The letter reveals that Michael and Mikkel are the same person. Ines had long suspected this may be her son's true identity, but she didn't know Michael would take his own life.

When Ines gives the letter to Jonas, he's upset with her. Why didn't she tell him sooner? Why didn't she try to stop Mikkel's disappearance when she suspected the truth?