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Hannah Kahnwald

Hannah is a clever women. She is driven by pain and vengeance and doesn't shy away from conspiracies. She's been dealt a tough hand: Her husband Michael commits suicide and their son Jonas gets sent to a psychiatric inpatient facility shortly after.

Hannah works as a masseuse in town, including at the power plant. She has a cool relationship with her mother-in-law Ines Kahnwald.

An ill-fated affair

Hannah falls in love with Ulrich Nielsen as a teenager, but Ulrich takes no notice – he's already with Katharina. When Hannah secretly watches them having sex, she devises a plan. She tells policeman Egon Tiedemann that Ulrich raped Katharina. The lie isn't without its consequences: Ulrich is arrested and Hannah spreads the rumor that Regina Tiedemann was the one to make the accusation.

Thirty-three years later, Hannah and now-married Ulrich end up having a secret affair. When the fling ends, Hannah is absolutely furious. Katharina finds out about the affair and confronts Hannah about it. Hannah lies again, claiming she was the one to end it and that Ulrich wants to leave his wife.


Hannah has been keeping a secret. As a teen, she witnesses Aleksander Tiedemann burying a plastic bag in the forest. She recovers the bag and finds a gun and passport with his real name: Boris Niewald. Thirty-three years later, Hannah uses this information to blackmail Aleksander, asking him to wield his power as director of the nuclear power plant to ruin Ulrich's life.

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Season 2 : episode 2

A reunion

In the summer of 2020, Hannah is at the end of her rope; she's ready to kill herself with Aleksander's gun. Everyone she loves – Ulrich, Michael, and Jonas – is gone. A man suddenly unlocks the front door of her house; it's the Stranger. He manages to convince Hannah that he is her son Jonas, now some 30 years older. Together they travel with the time machine to 1987 and see young Mikkel Nielsen with Ines Kahnwald. Thus, Hannah learns of Ulrich Nielsen's fate.

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Season 2 : episode 7

A new beginning

Jonas stays a few days in his old room. While he's sleeping, Hannah takes his time machine and travels to 1954. She introduces herself to policeman Egon Tiedemann as Katharina Nielsen, a visitor to Winden. She says the man being held under suspicion of murder may be her husband.

Egon takes her to the psychiatric institution where Ulrich is being held and allows her a short one-on-one visit. She asks Ulrich who he would choose now, Hannah or Katharina? Ulrich professes his love for her and begs her to get him out, but Hannah doesn't believe him and leaves. She tells Egon that there must have been a mix-up.

When Egon asks whether she's heading home that day, Hannah replies that she has lost everything there and wants to start over.