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Franziska Doppler

Franziska is a rhythmic gymnast , has perfect grades, and is considered a nerd, making it all the more surprising when she starts dating the stoner Magnus Nielsen.

Franziska is close to her younger sister Elisabeth, even if they bicker sometimes. She is angry with her parents Peter and Charlotte; she can't stand that they are brushing their marital problems under the rug instead of speaking openly about them. Franziska absolutely despises the hypocrisy of people in Winden.

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Season 2 : episode 2

Secret hiding place

Franziska wants nothing more than to leave Winden. She's saving money in a small box under an abandoned railroad in the forest. Magnus knows about her secret hiding place. One day he sees someone else putting money in the box. It's the prostitute Bernadette.

Magnus draws the wrong conclusions and confronts Franziska about it. She tells him that she's selling Bernadette hormone prescriptions for gender reassignment. She found out that her father was one of Bernadette's customers and this is how he used to pay her. Now Bernadette relies on Franziska. She is very upset by Magnus' lack of trust, but she forgives him.

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Season 2 : episode 5

Bartosz and the time machine

Magnus and Martha Nielsen decide they are going to explore the caves and Franziska and Elisabeth Doppler join them. The group is surprised to find Bartosz Tiedemann there. He is carrying a strange device. Magnus overpowers him and the others tie him up. Bartosz won't tell them what the machine is for so they leave him overnight in the caves. When he tells them the next day that it's a time machine, they don't believe him. To prove it, he travels with them to 1987.

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Season 2 : episode 8

The last day of the cycle

On the day of the apocalypse, the Stranger meets Magnus, Bartosz, and Franziska in the Nielsen's house. He has a time machine with him and they all use it to travel through time moments before Winden is completely destroyed.