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Elisabeth Doppler

Elisabeth is Charlotte and Peter Doppler's youngest daughter. She is a confident, clever girl who can hold her own with her older sister Franziska. Elisabeth has a boyfriend at school, Yasin Friese, who is also deaf like Elisabeth.

Meeting with Noah

One afternoon shortly after Mikkel's disappearance, Elisabeth is walking home alone from school despite her parents warnings. Several hours later she arrives and tells her parents that she met a man – Noah – who gave her a gift for her mother, a golden pocket watch engraved with the words, "For Charlotte."

Charlotte uses Elisabeth's description and has a composite sketch made of Noah. He becomes the lead suspect in the case of the missing children. The next day Yasin Friese disappears and Elisabeth is upset.

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Season 2 : episode 2

A new role

The leader of the group living in the forest around Winden in 2053 is also deaf. Her piercing blue eyes are unmistakable: She is grown-up Elisabeth Doppler. The woman's face is riddled with scars. With the help of her interpreter Silja, Elisabeth promises her followers that the day of salvation is nigh. "We are the future. Sic Mundus creatus est!“ she declares.

Elisabeth isn't being completely upfront with them. She's the only one who knows about the time portal in the ruins of the nuclear power plant. She forbids anyone from entering the restricted zone. When Jonas Kahnwald is caught, she sentences him to death. As he's hanging from the noose, Elisabeth changes her mind and severs the rope with a bullet, sparing Jonas' life.

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Season 2 : episode 8

Mother and daughter

Elisabeth survives the nuclear apocalypse in Winden with her father Peter in the underground bunker. There, she meets young Noah for the first time. They will eventually have a child together: Charlotte. Elisabeth is the mother of her own mother, or the daughter of her own daughter. Their existences are mutually dependent on each other: a so-called Bootstrap Paradox that's only possible with time travel.

On June 27th, 2053 – the last day of the cycle – Elisabeth is standing in the ruined power plant. A rift in time opens and she recognizes her mother Charlotte in 2020. The women reach out to one another as the apocalypse irrupts in Winden.