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Egon Tiedemann

In 1953, young Egon is working as a policeman; he believes in the power of good. What he's missing in acumen, he makes up for with diligence. He loves his talented daughter Claudia and wife Doris above all else. Egon doesn't see it coming when Doris starts growing more interested in their new lodger Agnes Nielsen.

Thirty-three years later, Egon is close to retirement. He's been living alone ever since his wife left him and there's not much to report work-wise; he often drowns his sorrows in alcohol. Egon is over the moon when Claudia is named director of the nuclear power plant, but she has little time for her aging father. His granddaughter Regina likewise has very little to do with him.

Early investigations

In 1953, the bodies of two children are found on the construction site of the Winden nuclear power plant. They have burnt eyes and are wearing strange futuristic clothing. Egon investigates the case with his boss Daniel Kahnwald. What's the story with the pennies dated 1986 hanging around their necks?

When young Helge Doppler vanishes shortly thereafter, Egon gets suspicious: An unusual man had recently asked about Helge at the station. Egon manages to arrest the bloodstained man near the caves in the forest. It is Ulrich Nielsen, who has come from the year 2019.

Egon and Ulrich

Ulrich acts as though he's known Egon for a long time. In fact, 33 years later – or earlier from Ulrich's perspective – the two have a tense relationship. In 1986, Egon keeps a close eye on rebellious Ulrich. He thinks the teen is a Satanist because he listens to metal music and suspects Ulrich is responsible for a herd of dead sheep found near Winden.

In turn, Ulrich harrasses Egon for his drinking and depises him for failing to find his brother Mads. The policeman is quick to believe Hannah Kahnwald when she tells him that Ulrich raped his girlfriend Katharina. Egon has the teen arrested, but is forced to release him when Katharina emphatically refutes the accusations.

The Mads Nielsen case

Egon Tiedemann is actively involved in the Mads Nielsen investigation. On the night Mads disappeared, Helge Doppler was working until 6 o'clock as a security guard at the power plant. Egon wants to question him, but when he arrives at the plant, Helge has to go on patrol. The men agree on a time to meet at the police station.

When Helge mentions he took a longer route home via the state road after his night shift, Egon hesitates and writes in his notebook, "Why not forest road?" but Helge never appears for further questioning.

Years later, Ulrich Nielsen finds Egon's notebook in the police archives. It points him in the direction of Helge.

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Season 2 : episode 2

Renewed interest

Upon retirement, Egon Tiedemann receives shocking news: He has cancer and it's already spread. Nevertheless – or perhaps therefore – Egon has renewed interest in his work. He can't stop thinking about the disappearance of Mads Nielsen and pays a visit to Helge Doppler. He asks Helge why he didn't go through the forest that day, but doesn't get a clear answer.

Egon also recalls the case from 1953 and looks into what happened with the former suspect. As it turns out, Ulrich Nielsen is still living at the psychiatric institution.

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Season 2 : episode 5

Ulrich and Egon, Act Three

The next round of the troubled relationship begins: The first time Egon visits now 80-year-old Ulrich, the latter reveals his true identity and predicts the retired policeman's imminent death. On his second visit, Egon shows Ulrich a photograph of Mikkel, the confused young boy who showed up in Winden some six or seven months ago. Ulrich is beside himself when he sees his son.

Egon now believes in time travel. The visit drives Ulrich to break out of the institution and find Mikkel. However, Egon ensures he is quickly captured again. Ulrich threatens to kill the man the next time they meet.