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Dead animals

In November 1986, a Winden farmer finds a whole herd of sheep dead in a field. An autopsy report reveals they died of sudden cardiac arrest – every single sheep, at exactly the same time, and their eardrums are all burst. Policeman Egon Tiedemann investigates. Was this the work of Satanists?

Dead birds are also falling from the sky. Charlotte Doppler collects the carcases and sketches them. When dead birds appear again 33 years later, she senses that something has come full circle. In 1953, a young Helge Doppler also collects dead birds.

2019, 1986, 1953: The deaths seem to be linked to the passage in the Winden cave and the 33-year lunar-solar cycle. But why do the bodies of the missing children also have burst eardrums?

Spoiler alert

Season 2 : episode 8

Death continues

In June 2020, shortly before the apocalypse hits Winden, dead birds once again drop from the sky. Their cause of death lies underground. Jonas Kahnwald has reopened the passage.