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Claudia Tiedemann

She has one blue and one brown eye, but that's not the only thing that makes Claudia Tiedemann extraordinary. Even as a child, she excels in school. Her parents Egon and Doris hope she'll go on to study at university. Some 30 years later in 1986, Claudia Tiedemann becomes the first woman to be in charge of a nuclear power plant. As a career woman and single mother, Claudia has little time for sentimental things. She is impatient and strict with both her elderly father and shy daughter Regina.

Claudia hasn't been seen in Winden for years by the time 2019 comes along. She's become a time traveler, restlessly traveling from one decade to the next. Claudia is the biggest adversary of Noah, Adam, and the Sic Mundus cult, but the Stranger seems to be her ally.

At the same time, she's an old woman who seems full of regrets for everything she neglected in her life, particularly her relationships. Is she good or evil? The Stranger says, "In the end she became exactly what she was trying to fight."

The dead body

Claudia arrives just after Mads Nielsen's body materializes in the bunker in November 2019. She convinces Peter Doppler and Tronte Nielsen to leave the body in the forest where the police will find it. She claims she wants to change the course of history and prevent Mads and the other children from dying. As proof, she gives Tronte and Peter her leather notebook, but a few pages are torn out.

The time machine

Claudia has the clockmaker build her a time machine, but he isn't aware of what it is he's making. She brings him blueprints for a device in 1953, but it takes him 30 years to complete.

Nuclear incident

On her first day as director of the nuclear power plant, Claudia Tiedemann discovers that there was an accident there in the summer of 1986, which was subsequently covered up. She wants to go public with the information, but her predecessor Bernd Doppler convinces her to stay quiet.

Bernd shows Claudia an entrance to the Winden caves on the plant site. She finds countless yellow barrels filled with atomic waste – and a poodle. The dog looks exactly like Gretchen, Claudia's dog who ran away in 1953, and it seems to recognize her. She takes the poodle with her.

Not long after, a young man comes to her office. He is newly arrived in Winden and looking for work. Claudia hires him for a confidential job: She asks him to close off the cave with the yellow barrels.

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Season 2 : episode 3

The betrayal

Meanwhile, the older Claudia goes back to 1954. She meets with Agnes Nielsen and talks to her about Sic Mundus and Noah. Claudia thanks Agnes and says that her mother Doris loves her very much.

On the same day, Agnes tells Noah that Claudia is carrying the missing pages from the notebook. Did she betray Claudia? Noah finds her in the forest and kills her, taking the missing pages.

Claudia dies calmly, she knew it was coming. She'd even given Agnes a newspaper article about it.

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Season 2 : episode 4

The journey begins

In the summer of 1987, Claudia gets a visit from an old woman who says she's the owner of the poodle. It's true, the woman is Claudia herself, but she is 33 years older. The woman brought Gretchen from 1953 to 1986. Older Claudia shows her younger self the time machine. She explains that she must stop Adam; it will require some sacrifices, but there is a way to keep Regina alive. Then she leaves, traveling to another time.

On the same evening, the younger Claudia digs a hole in her garden and finds the time machine that she buried there in 1954. She learns how it works from the clockmaker and travels for the first time to 2020. Claudia goes to the Winden library and reads the newspaper archives to find out what's happened in the last 33 years, including the details of her own disappearance in 1987.

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Season 2 : episode 5

God particle

Younger Claudia Tiedemann is reviewing data from a hushed incident at the Winden nuclear power plant when she happens upon results that are irrefutable: There is evidence that God particle exists. It's a scientific sensation, but Claudia's predecessor Bernd Doppler cools her excitement. She can't both keep the accident a secret and share the discovery publically.

Claudia accepts this and continues doing her own research privately. Can she use this knowledge to stabilize a portal that allows time travel? She is driven by the hope that she can make things right in Winden.

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Season 2 : episode 7

Egon's death

Claudia read in the library archives that her father was found dead in his apartment on June 27th, 1987. While she has little contact with Egon, she is understandably upset by the news of his imminent death. She tries to convince her father to move in with her immediately.

When she visits his apartment, they get into a fight. Egon wants to ask the police to search the Winden caves. Claudia sees this as a threat to her research on the God particle and tries to stop him from making the call. It comes to a struggle and Egon falls hard, hitting his head and dying shortly thereafter. Claudia's attempt at altering the course of time only hastened Egon's death.

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Season 2 : episode 8

Claudia and Jonas

Jonas Kahnwald meets the older Claudia for the first time on June 20th, 2019. Jonas had traveled through time to try and stop his father from committing suicide, but the boy ends up giving him the idea in the first place. Claudia comes to him and explains that things shouldn't be undone and that Jonas' role is larger than he might think.

They leave the Kahnwald house together and Jonas spends the next year learning everything he can about time travel. With his new-found knowledge, he visits the younger Claudia and travels with her to 2020.

There, Claudia meets her daughter Regina, who is now around the same age. After a tearful reunion, both women take cover in the bunker, thus surviving the apocalypse.