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Church and graveyard

The Winden church is an impressive, Nordic-style wooden structure. In 1953, Noah is serving as the parish pastor, but he goes by the name Hanno Tauber.

Michael Kahnwald is buried in the adjacent cemetery. This is where Jonas meets the Stranger for the first time. There is a gravestone laid for Mads Nielsen even though the boy's body was never recovered.

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Season 2 : episode 1

New graves

In 2052, the church is no longer standing, but the cemetery remains. As Jonas walks around, he notices a series of seemingly makeshift wooden crosses. They all have the same date of death: June 27th, 2020. Jonas discovers graves for Aleksander Tiedemann, Torben Wöller, and Martha Nielsen, among others.

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Season 2 : episode 5

Underground laboratory

In 1921, the church is still being built, but there is already access to lavishly decorated underground rooms via a secret elevator. This is where the Sic Mundus cult gather with Adam, their leader.

There is also a time portal in an underground laboratory. It is a shapeless black mass that can be controlled with electricity from powerful Tesla coils. According to Adam, you can use the machine to overcome the 33-year cycle and travel to any point in time.