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Bunker and the cabin in the woods

The Doppler family has owned this small cabin for decades. Helge Doppler lives here for some time in 1986. By 2019, it has been standing empty for years. Next to the cabin is a metal hatch leading to an underground bunker that was likely built in WWII. It's located just above the tunnel drilled deep into the rocks of the Winden caves. As a boy in 1953, Helge Doppler often plays in the eerie cabin.

Deadly experiments

In 1986, the bunker is furnished like a child's room with bright wallpaper, a bunk bund, and a small television. There is also a strange device resembling an electric chair in the middle of the room. This is where Noah and Helge conduct their deadly experiments with the missing children. Erik Obendorf and Yasin Friese are sent to 1953 and Mads Nielsen lands in 2019.

Peter Doppler happens to be in the bunker when the boy's body suddenly appears on November 4th, 2019. He calls Mads' father Tronte. They are standing bewildered over the body of the long-missing child when older Claudia Tiedemann enters the bunker. She knew this would happen and convinces Peter and Tronte to put the body somewhere in the forest so the police would find it the next day.

Rift in time

After Ulrich Nielsen knocks Helge Doppler unconscious in 1953, he leaves the boy in the bunker. Helge survives, but is locked in until a rift in time seems to open up. Helge can see into the bunker in 1986 and the face of Jonas Kahnwald, who was being held there by Noah. The moment the boys' hands touch, Helge is hurled to 1986 and Jonas to 2052.

Spoiler alert

Season 2 : episode 8

The survivors

In June 2020, Peter and Charlotte Doppler use the bunker to collect their findings about time travel. Claudia Tiedemann later stays there and Jonas Kahnwald finds her audio tapes and voice recordings in 2053.

On the day of the nuclear power plant explosion, the bunker is one of the few safe places in town. The rest of Winden is destroyed and almost all the residents are killed. Peter Doppler knows to go there because Noah told his wife Charlotte about it. He arrives at the bunker with his daughter Elisabeth, but they can't seem to get ahold of Franziska and Charlotte. Martha Nielsen is there when they arrive – the Stranger had forced her into the bunker at gunpoint – but she runs away.

A few more people arrive: an ill Regina Tiedemann is accompanied by her mother Claudia, but the women are both the same age – Claudia had travelled from 1987. Moments before the apocalypse, a young Noah reaches the shelter. He had just traveled from 1921 to 2020.