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Bernadette offers her services as a prostitute from a small caravan next to the truck stop. She is a transexual woman, but is still in the process of completing her gender reassignment. Peter Doppler was one of her regular clients, which added further strain to his marriage with Charlotte when it was discovered.

Spoiler alert

Season 2 : episode 2

The deal

Wöller also visits Bernadette from time to time, but only for coffee. He is her brother.

In the summer of 2020, Magnus Nielsen also finds his way to the caravan. He followed Bernadette there because he saw her putting money into his girlfriend Franziska Doppler's secret hiding place.

Magnus assumes Franziska is getting paid for sex and is furious. He confronts her about it and learns that Franziska is actually selling Bernadette prescriptions for hormone therapy. Peter used to pay Bernadette with them.