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Bartosz Tiedemann

Bartosz is the long-time best friend of Jonas Kahnwald and the only one who knows he's is in psychiatric treatment. He tells the rest of the school that his friend is on a French exchange program. During this time, Bartosz starts dating Martha Nielsen.

Bartosz is the only child of wealthy parents. His father Aleksander is director of the nuclear power plant and his mother manages the Waldhotel Winden. He comes across as arrogant, but is actually quite insecure.

Meeting Noah

After Erik Obendorf disappears, Bartosz goes to raid his drug stash in the Winden caves. He finds a smartphone that he can't unlock. The phone suddenly rings and Bartosz thinks it must be Erik's dealer. He agrees to meet the man called Noah.

Noah introduces Bartosz to the idea of time travel and tells him about certain events that will happen in the coming days in Winden. When everything happens exactly as he predicts, Bartosz teams up with Noah.

Noah explains that there are two groups fighting for control of time travel. He's on the good side, and Bartosz' grandmother Claudia Tiedemann is on the dark side. What role will Bartosz play in all of this?

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Season 2 : episode 1

All alone

In the summer of 2020, Bartosz is starting to get more worried about his ill mother. Martha breaks up with him because she thinks he's hiding something from her. As it turns out, Bartosz is secretly working for Noah, but he's become afraid of him.

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Season 2 : episode 5

Bartosz the time traveler

Noah gives Bartosz a time machine and he takes it into the Winden caves. He happens upon Martha and Magnus Nielsen and Franziska and Elisabeth Doppler. Magnus overpowers Bartosz and the others tie him up. They ask him what he's up to, but he refuses to tell them.

They leave Bartosz in the cave overnight. The next day, he reveals he has a time machine. The others don't believe him until he travels with them to 1987. He fails to regain the trust of his friends and Magnus takes the time machine.

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Season 2 : episode 8

The last day of the cycle

When Bartosz finds out that Katharina Nielsen has the time machine, he is furious. Noah had predicted a different outcome. Together with Franziska and Magnus, he searches for the machine in vain.

The Stranger finds them instead. They use his time machine to escape just before the apocalypse irrupts in Winden.