Ulrich Nielsen (1986)

A young rebel, traumatized by the disappearance of his younger brother Mads on 4 November, 1986. Ulrich is fascinated by the dark side of things — black metal, Bathory, skulls. The family is scarred forever. The parents’ marriage is broken. Jana is withdrawn and Tronte is never home.

Love and hate


Rebellious Katharina has fallen for the bad boy, but she isn’t the only one. The couple experience sex for the first time, together, in the school. Hannah secretly watches them. For Ulrich, she is just a friend, but she is secretly in love with him. Out of jealousy, she tells the police officer, Egon Tiedemann, that Ulrich raped Katharina.

Egon already suspects Ulrich of having something to do with the disappearance of Mads, and he has him arrested. But when Katharina’s testimony exonerates Ulrich, Tiedemann has to let him go.



Regina comes to hate Ulrich and Katharina. One night, they tied her to a tree in the forest. For them, it was just fun, but for Regina it was traumatic.

Later, when Ulrich is arrested on a charge of rape, Katharina suspects that Regina and her need for revenge is behind the allegation. The couple threaten her, and Regina fears for her life. An unknown young man with a pistol arrives on the scene and drives Katharina and Ulrich away. Aleksander. Regina’s future husband. But Regina will never forget her humiliation at the hands of Ulrich and Katharina, and she will never forgive them.