Tronte Nielsen (2019)

An old man who regrets his mistakes. The disappearance of his son, Mads, has traumatized his life. Tronte believes that he has destroyed his family, and he wishes he could undo it all. He still lives together with his wife, Jana, although she wanted to leave him many years ago when she found out about his affairs.

Son and grandchildren

Tronte and his son, Ulrich, don’t have a lot to say to one another. As a youth, Ulrich did not know about his father’s affairs. But he doesn’t trust him. Magnus, Martha, and Mikkel are Tronte’s grandchildren. But Tronte doesn’t seem to see much of them.

Tronte’s role


On the night of Mikkel’s disappearance, Tronte is not at home. Instead, he is with Peter in the bunker behind the shack on the forest track. He is staring, bewildered, at the corpse of his son Mads, who vanished 33 years ago — a corpse that a short time ago simply materialized before Peter’s eyes.

Suddenly, Claudia Tiedemann, a time traveler who has been missing for a long time, walks in and convinces the two men to help her. Together, they bring the corpse to a place in the forest where the police will soon find it.

Tronte is convinced that Claudia wants to change the course of time for the better. The disappearance and death of Mads could be undone!