Regina Tiedemann (2019)

Austere. Well-groomed, almost aristocratic. Bitter. She hides everything — old wounds and new secrets. She spends the best part of the day standing at the reception desk in her poorly frequented Waldhotel in Winden. Her husband, Aleksander, is the Managing Director of the nuclear power station. They met and fell in love as teenagers. Their son, Bartosz, sits around at home, smoking pot and playing video games. Regina spends more time in the Waldhotel than she does at home.


The hurt Regina experienced in her youth at the hands of her imperious mother was too deep, and she broke off contact a long time ago. She tells her son that his grandmother died before he was born. But Claudia had only gone on a long journey.

Old wounds


Regina hates Ulrich and Katharina. One night when they were all teenagers, they tied her to a tree in the forest. For Ulrich and Katharina, it was just a bit of fun, but Regina feared for her life. Later, Katharina suspects — wrongly — her of being behind the allegation of rape leveled at Ulrich. She threatens Regina, but a young man with a pistol comes to her rescue — her future husband, Alexsander. Regina never forgives them, and she makes sure that they know.

Regina has cancer. The carcinomas have spread. She hides the letter with the diagnosis from Aleksander, but he finds it anyway. The illness brings them closer.