Police station (1953)

Daniel Kahnwald, Ines’s father, works here. He is a police officer. The junior officer, Egon Tiedemann, works under him.

Dead children


In 1953, the bodies of two dead children are found on the construction site for the nuclear power station. Daniel and Egon investigate. The children are wearing strange clothing from China. Their eyes are burned. Around their necks they wear red twine necklaces on which hang five pfennig coins. It is the most mysterious case the two policemen have ever had.

Child killer!


Then the young boy, Helge Doppler, vanishes too. Egon suspects a man who recently inquired about Helge at the police station. The man is Ulrich, who has traveled through time to prevent the murder of his brother and the disappearance of his son. Egon finds Ulrich, covered in blood, on a road through the forest. He captures him in front of the cave, locks him up, and violently tries to force information out of him: What has happened to Helge? In vain.

The arrest mug shot of Ulrich will lie unseen in the police archives for 66 years. Until Charlotte Doppler finds it.