Peter Doppler (2019)

Helge Doppler’s son. He is Jonas’s psychotherapist. Gentle, but nervous. Peter and his wife, Charlotte, worry about their daughters, Franziska and Elisabeth, and they argue about parenting techniques. They have been sleeping separately for a long time. Peter leads a double life. For many years, he regularly had sex with a transvestite prostitute. Even now that he has promised Charlotte not to do so any more, his desires have not gone away.

Peter’s role


On the night of Mikkel’s disappearance, Peter is not at home. He drove to the parking lot where his prostitute works, but he resists his desire and drives instead to the shack on the forest track. Peter is sitting in the bunker, reciting the Serenity Prayer, when a time portal opens in front of him and a dead boy with burnt eyes falls at his feet. It is Mads Nielsen.

Peter phones the boy’s father — Tronte Nielsen. They are standing together, bewildered, with Tronte’s long lost son lying dead at their feet, when Claudia Tiedemann enters the bunker. The old time traveler recruits the two men for her plans, and together they carry the dead boy’s body to the place in the forest where the police will find him. But why?

Peter is not sure if he can trust Claudia. She says she wants to undo the death of Mads and the disappearance of the children. But is this true? She has indeed recorded all the events of the days after Mikkel’s disappearance in her notebook, just as they actually happened, but some of the pages have been torn out. What is she hiding?