Nuclear power station

It is the year of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster. Nuclear power is in a bad light. The Supervisory Board has unanimously elected a new Managing Director: Claudia Tiedemann, the first woman to lead the operation. Her predecessor, Bernd Doppler, initiates her into the secrets of the power station. His son, Helge, works there as a guard.

Accident and cover-up


Bernd reveals to Claudia that there was an accident at the power station in 1986, and that it was never made known. She is now responsible to make sure that it stays that way. Hundreds of jobs would be on the line if it came out. He shows her an entry to the Winden Cave complex on the edge of the power plant site. Inside: yellow barrels with nuclear waste. Claudia dares to go deeper into the cave, and she suddenly finds an old friend that disappeared 33 years ago: her dog, Gretchen.

There must be a connection between the cave passage at the power station and the shaft that leads to the year 1953.

Later, Claudia hires Aleksander, penniless and homeless, to seal the passage with a metal door. What is she hiding behind the door? Is Claudia hiding the nuclear waste in the cave? Or is she smuggling it through time?