Nuclear power station

In 1953, the nuclear power station does not yet exist. Where it will one day stand is currently a building site. The entrepreneur Bernd Doppler has great plans for Winden. He wants to build the country’s first nuclear power station here and launch the era of the atom — for progress, for Winden, for a glowing future.

Sometimes, his son Helge plays on the construction site.

Discovery of children's bodies


Two children’s bodies are found on the building site. They are just lying on a heap of earth. Helge sees them and informs his father. Bernd is shocked. He believes it is a conspiracy of the coal industry, an attempt to sabotage his project.

The police officer Egon Tiedemann investigates. The dead children are wearing clothing from another age — it is Yasin and Erik, the missing children from 2019. Helge and Noah have disposed of them in the past. But how can Egon be expected to know this?