Noah (∞)

In 1986, he is the priest in the parish of Saint Christopher and chaplain of Winden’s hospital. He comforts Mikkel when the lost boy is in the hospital. Supposedly, Ines asked him to do so. But is that all he is?

Noah’s plans


Noah does not age. In 1953, he comforts Greta Doppler when her son disappears. In 2019, he entices Bartosz Tiedemann to join forces with him. He always looks the same.

Noah sees himself as Claudia Tiedemann’s opponent and believes he is engaged in a cosmic battle. Two sides are fighting for dominance of time travel. He is on the side of light, and Claudia on the side of darkness. This he explains to her grandson, Bartosz, as he tries to win him over for his purposes; and he explains it to Helge, his willing henchman. For him, the Stranger is just an ignorant piece on the chessboard of time — a fool who believes himself a savior.

Noah is aware of the brutality and cruelty of his experiments, which result in the deaths of several children. But for him they are just guinea pigs, sacrificed for a higher purpose. The construction of a time machine, he claims, will elevate humanity. It will make it possible to re-sort what has happened and to escape the cycle of suffering and perpetual recurrence. God does not determine the fate of the world. Mankind does.

Whoever contols time becomes God.