Missing children

In November 2019, children disappear in Winden. The police are baffled. There are missing persons posters on lampposts. Parents are beside themselves. There are school community meetings. The town is in turmoil.

First, Erik Obendorf goes missing. Then Mikkel, the youngest son of police officer Ulrich Nielsen, disappears. Finally, the deaf boy, Yasin. There is no trace of the children whatsoever.

A boy is found


The day after Mikkel disappears, police find the body of a dead boy in the forest — but it is not one of the missing children. His eyes are burnt, he is wearing clothing from the 1980s, and he has a Walkman. The cassette contains the song “Irgendwie, Irgendwo, Irgendwann” (“Somehow, Somewhere, Sometime”) by Nena. Close to where the body is discovered, Jana Nielsen finds a Raider wrapper.

Later, Ulrich discovers the truth: The boy has a scar on his chin, just like his brother Mads, who disappeared 33 years ago. The boy is Mads Nielsen. His brother is dead. He was murdered 33 years ago, and the murderer hid the body in the present.