Mikkel Nielsen

A boy, still a child, even if he doesn’t think so. Ulrich and Katharina are his parents. He has no idea of their dark secrets. Mikkel loves magic, much to the chagrin of his siblings, Magnus and Martha. For them, he is just the kid brother. Mikkel does not have a close relationship with his grandparents, Tronte and Jana.

Mikkel vanishes without a trace on 4 November, 2019.

But the question is not where Mikkel is, but when.


Mikkel goes to the cave with Bartosz, Franziska, Jonas, and his siblings. Suddenly their flashlights start flickering. There is a penetrating sound that drowns everything out. They panic. Everyone flees. And then Mikkel is simply not there any more.

New life in 1986


Mikkel Nielsen travels through time to the year 1986. He is looking for his home, but it doesn’t exist yet. He meets his father as a teenager. Mikkel turns to the police for help, and Egon Tiedemann asks Ines Kahnwald, a nurse, to take care of him. She later adopts him. Mikkel Nielsen becomes Michael Kahnwald. His own son, Jonas, is the last person to have seen him in 2019 — by which point Jonas’s father, Michael, is already dead.