Michael Kahnwald

Father, artist, husband. Michael took his own life with no obvious reason. He was married to Hannah. Together, they have a son — Jonas.

Michael was brought up by Ines Kahnwald. The nurse was a mother to him, but she is not his mother. She adopted Michael 33 years ago when the children’s welfare department wanted to put him in an orphanage.

Michael's Identity


Michael Kahnwald is Mikkel Nielsen. The boy disappeared without a trace in 2019. As he crawled out of the cave, he found himself in 1986. The police take him to the hospital. There, Mikkel is looked after by Ines, a nurse who later takes him home. It was she who began calling him Michael.

Michael leaves behind a letter, asking forgiveness for his suicide. But nobody is allowed to open the letter before Mikkel’s disappearance. Why? Is Michael afraid of a time paradox? Why does he believe that he must die?

Michael stayed in the past and found a new life, but he studied the cave and drew a detailed map of it, a map that Jonas will later discover in the attic.