Martha Nielsen

She loves literature and the stage. Police officer Ulrich is her father — and he is seldom at home. Her mother, Katharina, the school principal, is always there for her children. Martha rarely sees her grandparents, Tronte and Jana. The family only has very little contact with them.


Martha has two brothers. Her older brother, Magnus, is the family joker. Mikkel is still just a child. He dreams of going on stage as a magician. And he is annoying, at least for his brother and sister.

Love, friendship, and loss


Martha is together with Bartosz Tiedemann. But she loves his best friend, Jonas Kahnwald, at the same time. They became very close, but then Jonas left Winden. Supposedly, he had gone to France, but in reality he was in therapy, as he later admits. Martha feels torn between the two friends.

On the night of 4 November, 2019, Martha goes with Jonas, Bartosz, and her brothers to the Winden Cave. Bartosz thinks they will find the drug stash of Erik Oberndorf, who has disappeared, there. They meet Franziska Doppler, who is there for the same reason. Suddenly their flashlights start flickering. There is a piercing sound that drowns out everything else. And then, suddenly, Mikkel is gone.

In the confusion that follows, Martha and Jonas become close again. They kiss. But a short time later, Jonas pushes her away. What has happened between them is not right. Not because of Bartosz. They are just not right for one another! Martha cannot understand what is wrong with Jonas. Hurt and confused, she tells Bartosz of the secret kiss. He reacts by breaking off his friendship with Jonas.