Magnus Nielsen

Tall and gangling. Always ready with a wisecrack. The joker in his family and in his clique. His parents are Ulrich, the police officer, and Katharina, the school principal. The family has hardly any contact to the grandparents, Tronte and Jana.


His sister, Martha, is a bookworm who loves the stage. Little Mikkel dreams of becoming an illusionist, the next Houdini — and sometimes he is incredibly annoying.

Friendship, love, and loss


When Bartosz and Jonas suggest looking for the drug stash of the missing boy, Erik Obendorf, in the cave, Magnus agrees without a second thought. He is supposed to be looking after little Mikkel, so he just takes him along.

At the cave, they meet Franziska Doppler, who is there for the same reason. Suddenly, their flashlights begin to flicker and a piercing sound drowns out everything else — and Mikkel just vanishes. Magnus blames himself.

In the aftermath, he and Fransizska become closer. But he cannot understand her. Franziska has secrets. Magnus follows her and sees her hide a small box under a railway sleeper. The box contains banknotes. She won’t tell him where they are from.