Mads Nielsen (1986)

The lost son. The missing brother. On 4 November, 1986, Mads Nielsen disappeared into thin air. There are missing persons posters everywhere. The family is in turmoil. These wounds never heal. Mads has a scar on his chin. He fell onto a glass table in a fight with Ulrich at Christmas in 1985.

The marriage of the boys’ parents has broken down. The loss of their son is a heavy burden for Tronte and Jana. Rebellious Ulrich cannot let his brother go. The mysterious disappearance of Mads has a hold on him.

The child’s body in the forest


Mads Nielsen didn’t just disappear. He was abducted by Noah and Helge, locked in a grotesque child’s bedroom, and executed on a form of electric chair. But death is not the purpose of the chair. In reality, it is a time machine.

The body of Mads materializes in the year 2019 in the bunker behind the shack on the forest track, before the eyes of Peter Doppler and Tronte Nielsen. The aged time traveler Claudia Tiedemann instructs them to take the corpse to the forest to be found by the police. He is the boy with the burnt eyes, in clothing from the 1980s, that Ulrich and Charlotte are so puzzled by.