Katharina Nielsen (2019)

Once a young rebel, now school principal and mother. Katharina is the solid rock of her family. She and her husband, Ulrich, met as teenagers. Bad boy meets bad girl. Now he is a police officer. Katharina loves her children more than anything else: Magnus, the oldest and the family joker; sensitive Martha; and little Mikkel, who dreams of becoming a magician — and who vanishes.

Katharina has no idea that Ulrich is cheating on her with her friend, Hannah.

The crumbling facade

Katharina’s world collapses when her youngest son, Mikkel, disappears. A short time later, she is reminded of her past sins when Regina Tiedemann attacks her after school drama performance. She despises Katharina; as teenagers, Katharina and Ulrich tied her to a tree in the forest one night. Later, believing that Regina, looking for revenge, had accused Ulrich of rape, Katharina threatened her. This is a traumatic experience that Regina cannot forget. She wants to humiliate Katharina.

And then Katharina discovers her husband’s infidelity. First, she finds another woman’s hair on his clothes. Then, she notices the many phone calls to her friend, Hannah Kahnwald, on his cellphone bill. Katharina asks Ulrich, but at first he avoids the question. The relationship is in crisis. Then her man disappears. He simply disappears. Katharina thinks he is with Hannah, but she doesn’t find him there, either. Yes, Hannah admits, they had an affair. And then she lies. It wasn’t Ulrich who broke things off, she claims, it was her. He wanted to leave Katharina.

Katharina thinks that her whole marriage has been nothing but a facade. She has no idea that Ulrich has traveled to the past to save the life of their son.