Jonas Kahnwald

Hannah and Michael’s only son. Traumatized by his father’s suicide, Jonas returns to Winden after several weeks of therapy. Jonas is looking for answers. Why did his father take his own life? His mother, Hannah, is looking for strength in the arms of another man, Ulrich, but Jonas does not know about this. The family has broken contact with Ines, his father’s adoptive mother. Why?

Love, friendship and loss

Martha is Jonas’s secret love. But now she is together with his best friend, Bartosz. Jonas is torn between desire and loyalty.

The three friends go to the Winden Cave together with Magnus Nielsen and his kid brother Mikkel, because Bartosz thinks they will find the drug stash of Erik Obendorf, the missing boy, there. They encounter Franziska Doppler there. She has gone to the cave for exactly the same reason. Tonight, 4 November, 2019, Mikkel Nielsen vanishes without a trace.

The strange observer


Jonas is followed and observed by a mysterious Stranger. He is Jonas, come back from the future to change the course of time. Jonas receives a parcel from him. It contains a futuristic lamp, a geiger counter, and his father’s suicide note — yellowed, torn, decades old, although his father only just died. The Stranger adds details to the map that Jonas found in the attic. Guided by the map and the ticking of the geiger counter, Jonas finds his way through the cave to a metal trapdoor. On the trapdoor is the symbol of the triquetra. Behind it, a long shaft. Jonas squeezes through — into the year 1986.

The sorrows of the young time traveler


In 1986, Jonas finds the missing Mikkel at the hospital. But he follows the advice of the Stranger and does not bring him back to the present, because that would eliminate his own existence. Mikkel must grow into Michael Kahnwald or he cannot become Jonas’s father.

Distraught and confused, Jonas understands how time is interwoven. If Mikkel is his father, then Mikkel’s sister, Martha, who Jonas loves, is his aunt. Ulrich, his mother’s lover, is his grandfather. His school principal, Katharina Nielsen, is his second grandmother. Jonas burns the letter, as if this would help him to escape his fate. He wants to finish things with Martha. But when he rejects her, she turns against him and tells Bartosz of their kiss. Bartosz feels betrayed. The friendship crumbles.

Desperate, Jonas confronts his grandmother, Ines. She always knew of Michael’s true identity. Now she gives Jonas Michael’s suicide note. The same one that Jonas has already burnt. Fate is catching up with him. There is no escape.

The path to the future


Jonas decides to destroy the tangles of fate. He travels back to 1986 and looks for little Mikkel at the hospital. He finds him. But Noah and Helge capture him, drug him, and lock him in the grotesque child’s room with the chair. There, the Stranger visits him one last time, but he does not set Jonas free, because if he did, he could not become the man that he, the Stranger, now is.

A short time later, when the Stranger tries to collapse the wormhole in the cave, a time portal opens before Jonas’s eyes. He looks into the year 1953 — right into the eyes of the young Helge Doppler. Their hands touch, and Jonas is transported to the year 2052.

It is the same place — but a different time. In front of Jonas is a wall, covered with photographs of the residents of Winden, connected together with string. The headquarters of the time travelers? Are these plans from the Stranger? From Claudia? Or from Noah? When he leaves the cave, people in military clothing are waiting for him. They were expecting him and they know he has come from the past. A young woman knocks him unconscious.