Jana Nielsen (2019)

An old woman. She has never got over the disappearance of her son, Mads, 33 years ago. Now her grandson, Mikkel, is missing too, and she senses that everything is repeating itself.

Jana still lives with her husband, Tronte, although she once planned to leave him because of his affairs. Ulrich is the only child she has left.

Raider and affairs


Jana finds the torn, empty wrapper of a Raider chocolate bar in the forest. It reminds her of Mads, she tells Ulrich, because he liked them so much. And she saw something else, too. A dark figure with a huge head. What could that be? Her son doesn’t believe her.

Ulrich learns something else from her, too. On the night his brother disappeared, 33 years ago, his father, Tronte, was lying in the arms of another woman — Claudia Tiedemann. The affair is the reason he was not at home that night. Tronte was a bad husband, but he had nothing to do with Mads going missing.