Ines Kahnwald (2019)

The former nurse lives reclusively in her apartment. Michael was her adopted son. After his death, she has no more contact with his family — her daughter-in-law, Hannah, and her grandson, Jonas. There is conflict about the house where the family lives.

Ines and the letter


Ines is keeping Michael’s suicide note safe for his son, Jonas — in a box engraved with the mythical image of Yggrdrasil, the cosmic tree.

Ines adopted Mikkel, who had traveled through time, in 1986, calling him Michael. She had long suspected the true identity of her son, but she only became certain when she saw the Nielsen’s youngest son. She immediately knew that Mikkel Nielsen was none other than her Michael.

When Ines gives Jonas the letter, he accuses her harshly. Why did she never tell him before? Why did she not try to stop Mikkel from disappearing? Ines did not know that Michael would take his own life. But she is convinced that everything happens for a purpose. People must not play God, must not try to change the past; they should make decisions in the here and now.