Hotel room 8

The day after Mikkel’s disappearance, the Stranger takes a room in the Waldhotel. The room number is no coincidence. The Stranger is a long-term guest and even keeps the room when he goes away for several days. He pins dozens of photos and newspaper articles to the walls. One of them is about Mikkel. “Where is Mikkel?” the headline screams. The Stranger has crossed out the first word and replaced it with another. Not “Where”, but “When”.

One of the sheets on the wall bears the triquetra. Three years are written in the symbol: 2019, 1986 and 1953. The room is the Stranger’s headquarters. Here, he plans his moves. In his case he keeps a mysterious device with ticking cogs.

Regina gets a shock when she wants to clean his room and catches sight of the walls!

Who is this mysterious guest? And what is he planning to do?