Helge Doppler

Doddery, strange, confused. His left ear is deformed. The lobe is surrounded by scar tissue. Lives in a nursing home but keeps on breaking out. Incessantly muttering, “It will happen again”

Peter, the psychotherapist, is his son; Charlotte, the local police chief, is his daughter-in-law. The two of them keep bringing Helge back to the nursing home when he runs away. Occasionally, Peter visits him there, too. Franziska and Elisabeth are his grandchildren.

For them, he is just their confused old grandfather.

Helge’s murder attempt


Helge looks back on his life and regrets what he has done. In 1986, he was Noah’s henchman in his time travel experiments. The young Helge is responsible for the disappearance and death of the children. Like a film, the tragedy unfolds before the old man’s eyes: first Erik disappears, then Yasin. Helge knows that it will happen again, because he already abducted the children, 33 years ago.

Helge wants to stop his younger self. He sneaks out of the nursing home, trudges into the cave, and goes through the shaft to the year 1986. He tries to convince the younger Helge so stop what he is doing. He doesn’t succeed. Finally, he tries to kill his younger self by ramming his car — and only succeeds in killing himself. The 1986 Helge survives. The course of time remains unchanged.

Ulrich suspects Helge and follows him into the cave towards the year 1986. He takes two things along with him, things he had found in Helge’s room at the nursing home: a 5 pfennig coin on red twine, and the book “Eine Reise durch die Zeit” (“A journey through time”) by H.G. Tannhaus.