Helge Doppler (1986)

Scarred face, mangled left ear. What has happened to him? Shy and simple. Works as a guard at the nuclear power station. Lives reclusively in his family’s shack on the forest track.

Bernd Doppler, his overpowering father, reigns over the nuclear power station like a king. He arranged the job as security guard for his son. When Helge’s childhood friend, Claudia Tiedemann, succeeds his father, he gives her a gift: the book “Eine Reise durch die Zeit” (“A journey through time”) by H.G. Tannhaus. She barely pays him any regard.

Egon Tiedemann suspects Helge. On the day Mads Nielsen went missing, Helge was on duty. He took the country road home. Not the shorter track through the forest. Why?

Double life


Helge is Noah’s henchman. On Noah’s orders, he abducts children from the present and the future. For Noah, they are guinea pigs for the experiments in controlled time travel with his chair. Helge believes that he and Noah have been chosen to rescue the world from evil. The children are regrettable but necessary sacrifices. At least, that is what Noah tells him. Helge has his doubts, and the burden of his actions weighs heavy on him.

He meets himself as an old man. His older self tries to convince him to stop — and fails. Later, the older Helge causes a car accident in an attempt to kill him. But he survives.