Helge Doppler (1953)

The only son of the wealthy entrepreneur, Bernd Doppler, and his wife Greta. His mother is hard on him. She seems to bear a grudge against him and to mistrust him. His father is just the opposite.

Helge is a shy, submissive boy, both with his mother and with the local rowdies who bully him. He receives extra tuition from the young Claudia Tiedemann, who otherwise ignores him.

Childhood trauma


One day, the young Helge encounters a man in strange clothing. It is Ulrich, who has traveled into the past from the year 2019. When Ulrich discovers that the boy is Helge, he tests him. He shows him the 5 pfennig coin on red twine that he took from the old man Helge’s room 66 years later. Little Helge doesn’t recognize it, but he keeps it.

When Ulrich sees that the boy is collecting dead birds in a box, he concludes that Helge already has a thirst for murder. He strikes the boy down with a rock and carries him, unconscious, to the bunker behind the Doppler family’s shack.

Helge is imprisoned. But then a time portal opens for him into the year 1986. In front of him, he sees Jonas Kahnwald in a grotesque 1980s child’s bedroom. As their hands touch, Helge is transported across the portal into the future. He still has the 5 pfennig coin with him. Ulrich will find it in his room at the other end of his life.