Hannah Kahnwald (2019)

Widow. Her husband, Michael, committed suicide. Jonas is her only son. He is all she has left. Now everyone is watching her, and she seeks strength in the arms of her secret teenage love, Ulrich — for her, this is more than just an affair.

She is estranged from her mother-in-law, Ines. Something happened after Michael’s death.

Hannah works as a masseuse. The nuclear power station is one of her clients.

Secrets and betrayal


Hannah is friends with Ulrich’s wife, Katharina. For a long time, she has no idea about the affair. When she finds out, she confronts her friend. But by this time, Ulrich has already ended their liaison. Hannah is deeply hurt. Out of revenge, she tells Katharina that it was her, not Ulrich, who ended things. Ulrich wanted to leave Katharina. When Katharina bursts into tears, Hannah plays the comforting friend.

Hannah has another secret. As a teenager, she observed a young man in the forest hiding something in a plastic bag: A passport in the name of Boris Niewald. The young man became Aleksander Tiedemann — and buried his real identity in the forest. 33 years later, Hannah uses her knowledge to blackmail the powerful man. All that she wants is revenge. She wants Aleksander to destroy Ulrich, the lover who has rejected her.