Franziska Doppler

Intelligent. Direct. Aloof. An outsider with a reputation for being a nerd. The daughter of Winden’s local chief of police, Charlotte, she is not particularly bothered about the law. Her father is Peter, the psychotherapist. Her parents have been sleeping in separate rooms for a long time. Franziska considers their relationship nothing but a lie.

Her little sister Elisabeth is deaf, but that doesn’t stop Franziska from continually fighting with her. For example about stolen lipstick.

Her grandfather, Helge Doppler, lives in a nursing home. A confused old man.

Love, friendship and loss

Like Bartosz, Franziska plans to go to the cave to find Erik Obendorf’s drug stash. Erik has gone missing. Bartosz, Jonas, Martha, Magnus and little Mikkel are surprised to find that the supposed “good girl” is there ahead of them. Franziska has already found the drugs and now she wants money for them. She and Bartosz begin to fight, but then suddenly a penetrating sound is heard, drowning out everything else, and their flashlights begin to flicker uncontrollably. What is happening? Panic breaks out. And all of a sudden, Mikkel is simply gone.

Franziska has secrets and she means to keep them. She has money hidden in a small aluminium box under a railway sleeper. When Magnus observes her and confronts her, she avoids him. Where is the money from? Magnus and Franziska become closer. They become a couple, or something like a couple. She sleeps with him, but still doesn’t allow him to get close.