Elisabeth Doppler

A young deaf girl. Elisabeth is cunning and she can see through people. After Mikkel disappears, her mother, Charlotte, is worried about her. Her father is the psychotherapist, Peter, and her sister the supposed “good girl” of the school, Franziska.


Helge Doppler is her grandfather. A confused old man in a nursing home. “It will happen again,” he mutters incessantly.

Missing friends and gifts


Elisabeth has become friends with Yasin, a classmate who is also deaf — one of the children who disappears. But she still decides to walk home from school alone when her mother does not show up to drive her home.

On the way, she meets Noah. He gives a gift for her mother: a golden pocket watch with her name engraved in it. Charlotte is relieved to hold her daughter in her arms again, after she had seemed to be missing. But what is the meaning behind the gift?