Egon Tiedemann (1953)

A young police officer. He has already seen a lot for his young age. Egon loves his work, but sometimes he oversteps boundaries.

He has been married to Doris for 10 years. They were once happy, but she feels that something is missing. Egon’s life is more about the station than about home. Claudia is their daughter. There are plans for her to go to university.


The Tiedemann home is too big for the family — even with the dog, Gretchen. So they sublet two rooms to Agnes Nielsen and her son, Tronte.

Police work


Daniel Kahnwald is the local police chief in Winden and Egon’s superior. Together, they are working on a mysterious case: two children’s bodies have been discovered on the construction site for the nuclear power station. Why are their eyes burnt? What is the meaning of the coins hanging around their necks? Why are they wearing clothes from China? How could Egon know that the two corpses are from the future and have been hidden in his time?

Egon and Ulrich


When the young Helge Doppler disappears, Egon suspects Ulrich. The confused man in strange clothes had already come to inquire about the Doppler boy. He finds him, covered in blood, on a forest track. He pursues him, and captures him in front of the cave. Ulrich claims that he wants to change the future. He is clearly mad. At the police station, Egon tries violence to get the suspected child killer to reveal where Helge is. In vain.

33 years later, Egon will arrest Ulrich again and be certain that the young rebel is up to something. But he will not recognize him.