The Stranger

The Stranger walks out of the cave on 5 November, 2019, and moves into room 8 of the Waldhotel in Winden. He follows Jonas, for reasons at first unclear.

The question is not who he is, but when.

The Stranger’s aims


The Stranger is not just following Jonas — he is Jonas. To be more precise, the Stranger is Jonas from the future. He has traveled into the past to destroy the time loop that has a grip on Winden. The apparatus that he carries with him is designed to collapse the wormhole in the cave. But before this can happen, it has to be repaired by the Clockmaker.

The plan is subject to one condition: The Stranger must make certain that he does not endanger his own existence. This is why he guides Jonas on a predetermined path. He gives him his father’s suicide note. On the map, he marks the cave from which Jonas can reach the shaft that leads to the past. He warns him not to bring Mikkel back to the presence, as doing so would obliterate his own existence. And finally, he does not release Jonas from the child’s room in the bunker, where Helge and Noah have imprisoned him in 1986. This way, the Stranger ensures that at the exact moment when he collapses the wormhole, Jonas will reach the future through a time portal. This is the only way that Jonas can become the Stranger and do what he has already done.

But does the plan succeed? Noah implies that the Stranger is being manipulated by Claudia Tiedemann. In reality, he claims, the Stranger will not destroy the time loop. He will create it.